3 thoughts on “Wheel Spinning

  1. Very beautiful imagery. Love the implicit connection between trying to sweep the “shards of life” and how we deal with the wounds we get in life. Not being able to close the shutters before the gale comes provides a very powerful end of the poem. How can we protect ourselves before getting hurt again? Loved your poem!


      1. Thank you. I always look at the strengths of someone like you who invests time and talent to craft beautiful poems. By the way, my newest post is a review I wrote about a friend of mine’s book. My intention is to get him a few more readers as this friend has helped me so much. I think he is a very good writer who deserves more recognition (probably like you all). Perhaps you could check out this post? It means a lot to me, much more than all my humble writing attempts.
        Here is the link: https://momentsbloc.wordpress.com/2018/07/10/a-review-of-this-way-to-the-end-a-book-by-mario-savioni/

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